Thursday, October 7, 2010


Meggs and the kiddo's have been visiting for the last week. :) Miss Caitlyn has been keeping her mom hopping with all her daredevil activities. Every time we turn around she is climbing on the trunk.
 She is very proud of her efforts and I swear she said "ta-da" when she got up there the first time. ;) Megg is not used to such a climb-ee baby, as Beck prefers to stay on the ground.  
This was the spider we found on the outside of the house. It was HUGE! Notice the shadow that it casts. Yes the operative word here would be "was", as we killed the thing. No way in heck was that puppy living on my house, garden spider or not. It added some excitement that we were not expecting. :P
 Saturday Mom and I worked on re-organising the garage so that we could put a piece of carpet down and move mom's quilting machine over. This way we will be able to utilise it during the winter. Anyway, I have lots of boxes from the move and the kids made castles and fort out of them. They played in them all day long. :)
 Sam and Beck have been playing pretty well together. This day they were matching football players. So cute!
 Hannah has been very helpful with Caitlyn. They have been playing well and are cuties.
 These three amigos have been playing with their bears. They went skateboarding, made a shopping area, played in the forts, and did a fashion photo shoot.
 The fashion fall photo shoot in full swing. They were taking the photo's themselves.
 Silly faces. :)

 My Nik is sure getting close to that teenager official. He turns 13 in December, just 3 short months. It is starting to show. He is on another growth spurt. I noticed today that his pants were about 3 inches to short. *sigh* We will be hitting the second-hand stores again soon.
We have some other projects that we have been working on and the big reveal is coming soon. I think all will be very impressed. ;)

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