Monday, October 18, 2010

The Devil In Them

There have been many times when I have been very happy that the kids are headed back to school. The end of school vacations, after it has rained all weekend, when Marc has had to work and I was on my own. Mostly though I just look forward to Mondays so that we can get back into the normal routine and I can get my house in order. Today I am ready to ship them all off to Cambodia, so I guess school will work.

This weekend has been a pluthera of mini hurricanes interlaced with moments violent explosions. The amount of crabby, cranky, just plain obnoxious children was so bad this weekend, that I was sure one or the both of us were not going to make it! I think we must have had some bad water or something. Point in case: Hannah and Sam have been playing school this weekend. Drawing, recess, and lunch breaks are some of the few activities that have been mandated for this playing school game. Now two is okay to play, but add Alex to the mix and all heck and pucky breaks loose. This happened Friday with the culmination of Alex stabbing Hannah in the hand with a pencil. *sigh*

To say this morning is much quieter is probably a gross understatement, but I am happy to have them off. I am not sure why this weekend was so rough, but it felt like Armegeton most of the last few days. Our home should be Heaven on Earth, hopefully getting back into our routine will restore some that haven.


AJ said...

I love this description...pluthera of mini hurricanes interlaced with moments violent You are so much better at words than me. I know alot of people who would rather have their kids home all the time, but I like my quiet time.

Becky said...

Oh, but know that you will MISS the good AND the bad when it's gone for good. Hang in there!!!