Monday, October 11, 2010

Cupcake Cuties

When we went to the library a few weeks ago, I found this great book all about cupcakes. It is soo fun! They don't use any fondant, just all different kinds of candy to create wonderful bits of fun. :)
 Needless to say, the kids have been pestering me almost constantly to make CUPCAKES! So on our last day of Megg being here we MADE cupcakes!

Bring on the Sugar Coma!

 Caitlyn even got in on the fun. She is more of an icing girl, than cake.
 I loved this shot that Megg got. It is to cute. That girl knows how to eat a cupcake!
 They iced, they dipped, they ate, and they rolled.
 Creating is a LOT of hard work!

 But waiting for the other color of icing is harder. LOL
Here are a few of the finished creations. We actually made all the kids wait to eat the three cupcakes that they decorated, as they ate so much of the fixings that poor Al ended up with a belly ache. :(

 I had to get this picture of my two eldest while they are still shorter than I am. Nik is up to my ear and I expect him to get taller than me over the next year. Miss B is going through another mini-me stage. She is looking a lot like me at the moment again. (A cuter version though.) 
 To burn off all that sugar, we sent them outside. They were down with that because the night before we watched the new Karate Kid and they wanted to got out and do KARATE!
 She really has a special fashion sense.
 Look at that form! Such concentration. 
Here they are "meditating". Sam looked very pained most of the time and Hannah was their "teacher".
 Sam doesn't sit still to well. LOL Looks like the meditation is getting to him. ;)
They really are creative and it is too fun to see all of the things that they come up with. Earlier in the week they were playing "Alaska" and there was a Polar Bear attack out in the garage. LOL I still have yet to vacuum up the "snow" (torn up bits of toilet paper) that was thrown about during the attack.

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Nana S. said...

What colorfull and tasty fun they seemed to have. Love their imagination. Also like the miracle performed on you bedroom. It looks great and a nice place of "sanctuary". Hope you are enjoying it when you can.