Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today and Tommorow

I know, I know! I haven't update for a bit. Trying to get everything all moved has left me worn out! As to the move, everything went well. Our trip up north was nice and uneventful. The best kind of trip, if you ask me. ;) We got all moved in on the 1st. We even had some elders from our new ward show up to help us move in. That was nice. I have staged all my boxes in the garage. It has made living in the house much easier. I can just go through a box at a time and put it away when I am not so tired.

I have been bone tired since I got here. So the boxes haven't moved very far. The kitchen is done, but other than that most everything is still sitting in the garage. I figure the fatigue is from months of not sleeping well and now I am finally with all of my family and I am feeling much more at peace. It does play havoc with trying to get ones house in order.

The kids start school tomorrow. We are all excited about it. The younger two ride the bus and the older two will bike. We did a dry run today. Takes about 10 minutes to bike it. So I will give them 15. LOL I will try not to worry too much, but I can guarantee that I won't freak out a time or two.


Okay so now it is tomorrow. :D The kids had a fab-U-lous day at school. Alex even made two friends. Sam only cried a little bit at school and Hannah and Nik made it home all by themselves.
Yes this is my boys proudly holding Grammies chickens. LOL Sam was holding the "twins" and then Alex got three of them at once. Silly boys.


housewife said...

My goodness Alex has changed! Glad they had a great day at school! Hopefully the whole year goes that way:)

Nana S. said...

They all look great. Glad "first day" went so well. Love the pics of A & S with chickens. Looks like a good "new beginning" Love to all.

Becky said...

I'm grateful you are all adjusting. Can't wait to see what your house looks like all unpacked!

Wendy said...

so glad to hear from you and to hear all is well! enjoy your new adventure!