Friday, September 17, 2010

Things I Learned on Thursday

1. That I LOVE driving a stick shift! We got the truck registered and I got to drive it to get gas station. Yep, so totally love it!

2. That Ramsey Elementary does not have enough parking available for an all school open house. Playing frogger trying to cross the street makes for less that happy parent/teacher relations.

3. Gladiolas make me happy. They are so pretty, even if they don't smell. But putting them in the vases that I have is driving me nuts! They don't like to stay put in my arrangement. :P

4. Phineas and Ferb is odd, but funny. I am loving it because I haven't heard Alex laugh that hard in a long time. LOL So sweet.

5. I am pretty sure my Begonia is dying. I am tempted to take it to my mom's and see if it can't be revived.

6. I could be a stalker in another life.

7. I have the motivation of slug.

8. Dresser are dang expensive! You'd think they were made out of solid gold. Who would have thought one would have to spend 2500.00 to get 5 dressers that won't fall apart in two weeks.


Katrina said...


Anonymous said...

Learning is good! You are such a positive woman..."undaunted" is such a good word to describe you!!! I want pictures of these $500 dressers!!!

Shannon Lytle said...

Did you already buy the dressers? I would check second hand stores. Ryan got me one that is solid wood for only a little over $100. A little TLC and it is beautiful!

AJ said...

I love the stick shift! Haven't had one for years.

Celeste said...

Are you old enough to enjoy Phineas and Ferb?

Yes...yes, you are.

(we love P&F here!)