Thursday, September 23, 2010

Settling In

Seven days left in September. Seven days until we will have been here a month. WoW. That is so amazing to me. I am trying to get into routine, find my house, deal with my laundry, and find time to do everything else that we mom's do during the day.

I am officially a Hick. I love driving our new truck around but it most definitely has hick written all over it. We are replacing the door and that will help. But you see what I mean.
I feel like I fit in quite nicely now.
The little boys had their open house last week. It was good to meet their teachers. In Sam's class they got to make their own name tags for their desks. I just had to take a picture of Sam's. It was just so Sam. :) I would have known it was his even if there had been 6 other Sam's in the class room. LOL
My powder room is coming along. I am really happy with how it is coming together. You will get pictures when it is all done. I also did Sam's bed and you will get pictures of that too. Just not yet.

The kids have been feeling neglected when it comes to snack, so I thought I would tackle these babies. The recipe is easy and it will warm up the house nicely. It has been pretty cool here and I am still adjusting to the different climate.

Does anyone have some good chicken dinner ideas? I am in need of some inspiration. :)


Heavenly said...

Um...we are not hicks up here. Hicksville starts about 45 miles north.

Just confess that you've always loved beat up old trucks...

Katrina said...

yummy... they look so good. for chicken dinners look at the e recipes TOH or Alrecipes there should be some great ones there. How about a chicken pot pie, or chicken noodle soup... you can get away with those warm meals , we are still waiting here. LOL.... or chicken pizza or casserole. You will come up with some i am sure. Hope your day was a great one with Marc... have a good evening too. Love ya