Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random Cuties

My kids are hams. Most of the time they love the camera. Here is Sam being very cute and dashing.
He did his hair all on his own. It look really cute. He also had to give me his "puppy dog" look. LOL I expect he will perfect it and all the girls will fall at his feet. Scary. 
 This is what happens when you leave Hannah and Alex to their own devices in the back of Grammies yard. LOL This is Miss B with her friends Ashely and Alexis. And yes that is Alex and Beanie in the CAGE.
 He didn't seem to upset about it. Beanie couldn't escape and he could maul her to his hearts content. Silly Boy.
 And this is what happens when Hannah is let loose with the dog. She had the bear attached to Bo (Grammy's dog) but the poor guy couldn't handle the excitement. Beanie on the other hand took it like a pro.
 Out back tonight the kids decide to make a contraption to carry their stuffed animals. Here is Nik doing his part.
 And here is Miss B perfecting her self portrait. :)
All of the kiddo's are really enjoying their own space of back yard. They play out there well and enjoy running in circles around and around the house. They seem to be adjusting well. It is good to see how happy they are.

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Nana S. said...

The kids look so good and like they are enjoying living close enough to enjoy Grandparents and all they have to offer. Your house decorating looks nice also.