Thursday, September 9, 2010

Frogs of Change

As you can see the chickens are the highlight of Grammies house. LOL The kids are always out there catching them.
The other highlight is playing with Bo, the dog.
Grammy is very grateful for young legs that want to run an energetic puppy around. ;)
Today I worked on the yard. I got the lawn mowed and edged. It seemed to be more work than it probably was. But I was having issues with the mower and my grass was damp. But mowing covers a multitude of sins.
I like the way the porch is coming together. I am going to pick up some mums to edge the bed and fill my pots. It will make it look very festive. I got our Catanzaro letters up on the door jam.
The house is coming together nicely. Everyday a little more gets done. My next really big project is going to be sorting the cloths. We moved from summer to fall in one day and now I have to sort the everything. The second-hand store is definitely in my near future to find some pants. I also need some dressers. They are just so dang expensive. But a step at a time it will come together.

I feel like I am settling within myself some. This move has been very surreal. It still seems like I am just visiting. I find it very nice to be able to just drop by mom's. Other than the last 6 months with Jan, I really haven't had that with any of my family. It has been a pretty solitary existence when it comes to family living close by for the last 4 years. Even in NH we only lived within 8 minutes of the in-laws for our first year there and we ended up being there for 5 1/2 years. It is just a different type of living. Good, but different.

I know with time I will begin to feel more settled. It will help to have some of our Utah family come and visit. They were able to come so quickly after we moved into our last place that I think when they come it will feel a bit more like we are staying put for awhile. :)

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Katrina said...

Stacie, we are looking forward to coming for a visit too. I must say it is hard to think of you folks so much further away now, and we can't just make a weekend trip to come up and see you. We all MISS that.... but you all sound like your settling in , and the kids love to go to Grammies to play with the chickens, it is good that you have a chance to visit with your mom and dad, any time your want.I am sure it is alittle different at this point but before long it will seem normal. Your house looks like it is coming along well, it is a very nice looking house, we are so happy for you all. We will get up there when we can, until then know that we love you all and miss you much.