Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Big Revel

Here are the projects that I have been working on for the last little bit. This is the bed for Sam.
 We have had these bunk beds for five years now. (Erica you should recognise these.) After five years of use they have been pretty beat up.
 First I had to prime them, to cover the multitude of black permanent marker, crayon and many other things that I couldn't identify.
 Then I covered it up with a "Warm White". I was going to paint it blue but Dad's selection left something to be desired. It came out really great, even with the lack of selection. More importantly Sam loves it. :)
 My other big project has been my front downstairs bathroom. I am doing a beach/sea theme. Not that you couldn't tell.
 It is not totally complete, but mostly. I am getting some weathered wood from Dad to make a frame to go around the mirror. It will make it look less modern and really give it a nice touch.
 I also have a blank spot over the toilet that needs some help. The corner rack was green and pretty ugly. So I spray painted it white and put some natural wood boards on the shelves to hold the nik-nacks. I am also going to put of some hooks.
 The towels are actually a towel that I bleached and put a whole into. So I cut it up and when I get some funds, I will trim them with white bias tape to give it a cute finished look.
 This is a picture of my ceiling. It came out really fun. Jan gave me the net and I strung it up and glued shells to it. The kids really seem to like it.
 This is my window. The garland, shell, curtain, and jar I collected from second hand stores when I was in Boise. Gave me something to think about.
 The sink came out great too. (At least I think so.) Many a mom might wonder..."How are you going to keep your kids from knocking off those shells?" My answer, "Hot Glue".

A sink is porcelain, right? Hot glue sticks great but comes off with no problem either. So I can have my fun pile of shells without my kids strewing them all over the place. I thought it worked anyway. That's how I am keeping that little bottle on the back of the toilet seat too.

So these are my projects of the moment. I know I will have more. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.  :)


Becky said...

Looking certainly have a knack for decorating. :) xo

Katrina said...

Very nice....really looks great.