Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moment by Moment

In just a few short hours I will be down to exactly 14 days left until we head out. Am I ready? Yes and No. Most definitely I am ready to see my husband and daughter again. I am ready to not be living in boxes anymore. I am ready to have a whole house to myself. But I am not so ready to leave good friends. To leave the kids doctors. To have to wait through 2 more weeks of no husband and no daughter.

I have been watering up at every moment when all the changes become overwhelming or when there is a stupid Hallmark commercial. Dumb things. Anyways I am coping but I am not sure how gracefully. This next week will be the hardest of the two. There is less to keep me busy. Sam's surgery is on the 23rd and Mom comes on the 25th (she is helping me drive) so that week is covered with business aplenty.

My plan is to do some good cleaning over the next two days. Like under my fridge and stove as well as the washer and dryer. That way when it comes time to move I will just have to do a cursory wipe down and no deep cleaning. :) See it is a good plan. Not only am I getting stuff accomplished but I am keeping busy and out of my own head. These are two very good things.

One of the new blogs that I am keeping up with has some different blogging ideas, one of which is called Simple Pleasures of your Week. You are supposed to list some of the simple pleasures of your previous week. This could also be looked at as counting your blessings, which I need to do more of. So my list of simple pleasures this week is...

Marc has a good job.
I have a house to go to when I move.
I got 20% off of my moving truck rental with a great coupon.
I learned something that I needed to here in the talk that was given today at church.
Alex cuddle with me through half the movie we watched.
Hannah likes our new ward.
It was 71 degrees and rainy for one day last week. It was divine.
My boys love each other so much, that they can't seem to stop talking even though it is  midnight. ;)
My brother got me a power cord so I could write this wonderful blog. (Even though, technically, this was a few weeks back I am most definitely grateful for that.)

That is enough for this last week. But I am going to keep my eyes peeled for some simple pleasures this week too. I hope that your week is filled with them.

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Becky said...

Way to keep things positive. Hang in's almost over!