Friday, August 20, 2010

Freak Out Friday

It has become very obvious to me that my life has become very stressful. So stressful in-fact that my brain is starting to fry and fizzle out. You too can tell if you are freaking out, if:

1. When your boys know that it is time to leave and instead disappear, you lose it and give them the whole "you could have been stolen and molested, this is not a safe world, when you don't tell me were you are going" speech.

2. Even though your low fuel light is blinking, you panic and are sure that the car is in for major repairs when it repeatedly dies on you. This instead of the obvious you might just need some gas in the car.

3. You are so happy that you cry when you realise that when you program the directory into one of the new phones it shows up on the other two.

4. You just stair off into space when the house is quiet for 3 seconds and 10 minutes later become aware that you are drooling down your blouse.

So if you find these things happening make sure you take a break or you may be found wandering the streets with only one shoe, randomly stopping people, offering to pack their purses.

As for my bits of color today. Sam had been working very hard over the last two weeks, doing chores at Aunt (yes, that is AAAAunt) Jan's to earn money for his football Build a Bear.
This here would be Ted. The newest member of Sam's bear collection.
He not only has a helmet and football, but cleats too!
See "real" cleats. LOL Sam has been in hog heaven. I even have to send some pictures to grandpa's email so that he can see them (Sam and Ted) all decked out. :)

Ted (Sam told us) wanted to take a picture with Nik. I can't believe how tall Nik is getting! He will be as tall as me before to much longer! That is enough color for now.


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh that is the cutest bear ever. Hang in there stacie it will soon be over and you will be with marcus!

Heavenly said...

LOL...I think I've done all of those things at one point or another. ;)

Don't'll be home soon.

AJ said...

I think I'm on number 4 right now...with the addition of buzzing my lips with my finger. Hang in there, Stacie.