Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have noticed that my posts of late have been somewhat color-less. I have not been taking many photographs due to my incessant packing and the uninspiring mounds of boxes that I am surrounded with.
This is only one of many piles that fill my home. If you don't sit a certain way in the red chair you view is obstructed by a Golden Puffs $1.99 box. Oh well tis my life at the moment. So today I decided to take some pictures while at the pool.
First I had to get a picture of the nice shiner/scrape that Nik got yesterday when ran into the side of the pool. Poor guy.
Al was being his special self. This was pretty much the only forward facing picture I got. Silly boy.
Nik has such a great smile. Looks like the braces will get put on up in Cd'A as we have less than two weeks (that is really nice to say) now and no appointment.
I am so absolutely positive that you want to look at my feet that I put up a picture. ;) Actually I was thinking how I have the most stubborn nail bed know to man, as I have had the right big toe nail ripped off (by a doctor no less) three times now. The bed was deadened with the stuff that you embalm dead people with and will you look at that! I STILL HAVE A TOENAIL THAT HAS GROWN BACK!
Nik "running" on water. LOL
All of the rest of my shots looked like this. No telling which child it might have been. My stop action has gotten a little rusty. I thought it was a cool shot of the splash. LOL
I took this shot a couple of weeks ago. We do get some wonderful sunsets here. Well this should make up for my lack of color. ;) I will try to be better so that at least if I am not to interesting on the word front, at least the pictures will be fun.


Nana S. said...

Nice pictures, enjoy your musings.

Becky said...

great pictures...it's always fun to see the latest happenings. :)