Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bound to Happen

The air was hot. It was one of those still, oppressive types of heat that beat down on you, making your skin and brain roast as if you had been stuck on a spit. The children huddled in the small scraps of shade, praying that it would keep them from being roasted alive. With every spike in the thermometer, tempers rose. The boys refused to listen to the words spewing forth from the girl. "But Sam Listen TO ME!" The boy's reply "Blah blah blah" with as much attitude as a 14 year old girl (insert waving of arms and sashaying of hips here). Then the air was rent with a sharp crack.


The boy had pushed the girl to far!
 I don't know if it the eyes that draw so many women in, young and old alike, but there is something about them that just make you melt. The smokey light blue grey and those lashes, I mean COME ON! He can be such a doll. Until he opens his mouth and then... well... sometimes... you just want to slap him!                 
Unfortunately for Sam he found out the hard way that when you push someone (namely a hormonal girl) to far with your "Blah, blah, blah, talk to the hand", their only recourse is to slap him. You can see the redder cheek. He actually had some finger prints a little earlier but that had started to fade by this point.

It was bound to happen...Sam being slapped by a girl. I very seriously doubt that it will be the last time that he is slapped either. Sam is just to much of lady charmer. Although he did learn that he "won't do that again" (his words).

It was all very, very funny. Jan and I were doing everything to not bust a gut when Sam came in and told us the sad tale. (Also for anyone who was worried, justice was met as the young lady decided to slap Sam in the presence of her mother and got grounded).
I just hope it leaves an indelible mark on his mind (not his cheek) that sometimes it is better to just keep your mouth shut and let a girl prattle, no matter how much you want to say "Blah, blah, blah". ;)

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marcus said...

That is frickin hilarious. I wish I was there to see it. He will learn as time goes on that you can do and say some things, but others are just crossing the line. ;0p I love you and will talk to you later.