Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have been working on by BIL, Chris, for over a year to get him to let me help him with his yard. He finally gave me the okay to help. I wanted to show everyone the before and after of our progress. His front yard has been under siege from this psycotic weed that is trying to take over the house. It has most defenently taken over his flower bed. LOL
I was informed as I was breaking apart the broken pot from around the pole that it contained an ant's nest. Luckly they were not the "attack the invading merauder" kind. LOL This tree area was my first project. I wanted to start with something small enough to produce immediate result. ;)
Needless to say it was a very gratafing experence. The tree looks A to the Some! Awesome!
From there we moved onto the light post and the corner. Stupid ring around the pole had trees growing out of it. Hacked the crap out of them suckers. I thought they might have the upper hand but in the end I was the victor! DIE YOU WEEDS, DIE!!!!

The ring still needs more work. I need to bury the rock, sift out the tulips, and then replant the iris and tulip. Chris also want the wire taken off of the pole. Then...then...then I will be tackling the overgrowth that is going to raise up and grab an unsuspecting passerby and have them for lunch.


Cindi said...

GREAT job, you wonderful gardener!!! Come to my yard next!!! We will have fun, I miss you!

Heavenly said...

When are you heading my direction? :D

Michelle said...

How about you drop on over to my house and do some weeding. It looks great what you did!