Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hanging in There

My days are pretty quiet right now. Just working on the normal cleaning with packing some boxes here or there thrown in. It is insteresting how the days just seem to go by, even when they are slow. Tomorrow we find out about Alex and his hernia. It will be nice to finally know. Surgery, no surgery? Other than the usual (missing Marc and Hannah to beat the band) we are doing okay here. Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I am surviving. I completely finished Hannah's room. I won't have to touch it now. I am thinking I want to do the other small room today and have the boys sleep in the long room on the queen bed because they sleep together anyways. lol Then I will have two down. But we will see.

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Curtis and Shauna said...

cute blog! exciting that Mark got the new job! Congrats.