Monday, July 12, 2010


Bedtime routine in our house runs as such: Whomever is having the hardest time settling down starts out in my bed and then gets moved when Marc and I head in. Most of the time this is Alex or Sam. Sam because he is being crabby or Alex because he can't stop playing (reading) if left to his own devices. With only Sam and Alex home last week it has just been easier to put both of them in my bed and with the king size bed just leave them there. It doesn't bother me and that way I don't have to try and lug their heavy butts upstairs. This arrangement would be fine if I hadn't added another boy to the mix.

With Nik coming back from scout camp Friday night, I decided to put them all back in their own beds. Nik and Sam together and Alex on his own. They ended up staying up half the night. That does not make for happy boys or happy mom the next day. So Saturday night I started Nik in my bed and put the younger two in theirs. But by 2am Sam was up with a nightmare and climbed in bed and then at 4am Alex was up with the same. Needless to say it was quite a bit more crowded than with just the two little boys. Nik has this really annoying habit of shoving his feet into your ribs and very diligently trying to shove one said mom out of her nice, comfy bed. *sheesh*

So last night I just started all three out in my bed so that there would be no playing with the intention of moving them into their own beds. LOL What a joke! Those boys are dang HEAVY!!! So I crawled into the space left at the end of the bed, curling around the end of their feet. That worked out okay. At least I didn't get woken up by kids with bad dreams, just a foot or two in the ribs. So tonight I have a plan in place to hopefully get a good nights sleep. Instead of having the boys in individual beds, I am going to put them all in the queen bed upstairs. Hopefully they will stay put and not have any bad dreams. And maybe, just maybe, I will get to reclaim my space for a few hours. LOL


Katrina said...

LOL crazy... and yes no room in the Inn for hope you get a good night sleep

Becky said...

oh MAN! Good luck with that plan. I remember those days. I actually miss them believe it or not. :( I still get one or two every once in a while.

AJ said...

On nights like that I got my best sleep on the couch! LOL