Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Bad Aspee Day

Most days working with Alex and his Aspergers is pretty low key. We are able to stay in a routine, working through any frustration and go along at a pretty even keel when it comes managing this disability. Today not so much. Alex was assigned to give a talk in primary. He always refuses to do these types of things but after working with him, he picked out a talk that he was willing to give and talk just a bit about. Fine. Until we got into the primary room and he actually had to get up in front of everyone. I was able to get him up to the front of the room (a feet within its self, as he was trying to be one with his metal chair) with the promise that I would read the talk if he stood on the podium. No talking just standing. That was fine until it was time to give the talk, then all heck broke loose. Alex screamed at me that he wasn't going to do it, threw some piece of paper that he had in his hand at me and stormed out of the primary room.
It is was so hard to keep it together and not burst into tears right there in front of everyone. My heart was breaking for my son. I know how horribly hard it is for him to stand up in front of everyone. I also know that he is going to have to stand in front of those people time and again in order to succeed in this life. As Alex gets closer to those teen years I am so worried about his hormones making it so much harder for him to cope. Your brain can't compensate when you have hormones running amuck and that is how Alex does as well as he does.

I found him in the car and we talked it out some and made it back in time for class. I had a meeting with Nik third hour so I wasn't in primary for sharing time. About 20 minutes into the meeting I get a tap on the shoulder. I knew without being told that it was Alex. He had yelled at one of the ladies in primary and ran out again. I guess he was not paying attention and when he was asked to do so he got upset and set himself up in the corner of the room. He then proceeded to barricaded himself in the corner with chairs. Fine. Okay. Until he decided to barricade himself more with the chairs that were folded up. Putting them on top of the other chairs making quite the structure. This came crashing down and when one of the teachers was asking if he need help, that was when he screamed at her and ran out to the car again.

It was very disheartening to have this happen today. Most days working with Al I can sort of forget that he has Aspergers. Today it slapped me in the face and makes me weepy for the challenges that he will face. Today was a bad Aspee day, but that's okay because tomorrow will be a good one.


Debbie Murdock said...

Miss brother has Aspergers and he is now 25. He is finally learning how to adapt socially and on his way to college and is a good kid...he still struggles daily though. Not too get into too much detail but my parents did NOTHING to help him except yell and degrade him. You are an amazing woman and I applaud you for sticking by his side and loving him and teaching what he needs to know to survive and succeed in this world.

msnhascat1 said...

Baby, I am sorry thar I couldn't be there. I miss you all. You are a great mom and the children all love you as I do. Tomorrow will be better.



Katrina said...

Sorry it was a bad for Alex, which translates to mom having a bad day. Tomorrow will be better, and time will go one. Take a deep breath Stacie... mothers go through a lot with their kids. And a Mothers heart is tender for all her kids. I think it gives us a chance to feel just a little bit what Heavenly Father feels for all of his children.

Nana S. said...

Hey Stacey, children present us with lots of challenges and some even more. It sounds like you are doing well with the many with which you and Marc struggle with. It is so difficult for Alex too. I am sure he does not like the feelings that overcomes him and causes him to react the way he does. Are the people who are leaders of these events aware of his condition. It takes a "villiage to grow up a child" and all need to know of the needs in special circumstances to take into consideration concerning what you can expect for each child. I am sure you didn't need me to tell you that. Love to all.

AJ said...

Sending you a big HUG!

Shannon Lytle said...

I'm so sorry yesterday was so rough! I feel bad for joking that your church experience couldn't have been as bad as what was going down in nursery. Little did I know, we were basically experiencing a cake walk in there while you were struggling so much trying to help Alex make it through. hugs.