Friday, July 23, 2010

39 Days and Counting...

When you are little you have this idea about how your life will go. You dream your dreams and make your plans and think "Yes this is how my life is going to turn out." Then you actually start to live life and you realize pretty quickly that it is not anything thing like you planned. LOL That is how I feel today. We had a plan, we were stickin' to it, and now the Lord has taken that plan and changed it.

Marc is the new department manager of Lawn & Garden for the brand new Hayden Wal-Mart in North Idaho. He starts orientation on Tuesday at 8:00am. WE ARE SO EXCITED that Marc has a job. It is not were or the type of job that we expected, but that is okay. We both feel that we are supposed to be going and doing this at this time.

As to the question of school ... Marc will finish the one class that he needs to graduate with his Associates of Science degree in December. It is all done outside the class room and online. We will have to fly him back to take a test in November, but that will be all. By mid-December he will have a diploma in his hands. It is pretty exciting. Not what we expected but exciting all the same.

The next 39 days are going to be very busy for us both. The store opens on the 15th of September so Marc with be up to his eyeballs getting everything ready. I will be doing everything else here. Sam will have his third sinus surgery on the 23rd of August. Nik will be getting braces in the next two weeks or so (top and bottom), and we will find out about Alex and if he has to have surgery for his hernia. This on top of packing and cleaning. Should be interesting. My plan is to pack a U-Haul truck the 30th of August, drive up on the 31st and unload in our new house (wherever that is) on the 1st. Luckily the kids won't start school until the 7th of September, after Labor day weekend.

I am excited and nervous and missing my hubby, but the time will go fast and I know the Lord will sustain us all. Wish me Luck!


The Crazy Heads said...

Oh, that is all so wonderful, exciting and scary at the same time. I am happy for Marc, tell him congrats from the Head family. Good luck with all the surgeries and braces and packing. If anyone can do all those things and alone to boot, it's you!

Jenn said...

I'm glad Marc got the job...that must be a real relief for you. And off to a new adventure you go!