Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We are to the halfway mark for our stay in Utah. It is flying by like normal. :) Always does when your having fun. We have been busy in the yard and garage. There are always lots of weeds for me to take out my aggression on when I am here. This year I get to tackle the challenge of Christopher's front yard. You will understand when I take pictures. LOL It is a jungle over there! We are going to Willard Bay for the day on Wednesday. It has been hot and supposed to be really hot tomorrow, so we are all looking forward to going. The newest thing going on in my realm is that I have decided to become a PAMPERED CHEF consultant. :) I don't have a web page yet, but that will come in a couple of weeks. I am having my Grand Opening on July 8th so anyone who is close enough is welcome to come! I am hoping to make a little bit of income to supplement the household without leaving the kids through out the day. I am excited, but nervous too. It is something that I can be good at but it is hard too.

The kids are growing like weeds, as evidenced of the latest pictures. More than anything my boys have been reading and reading and reading! Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the series of the moment. It's about 1 book a day. I swear it is going to cost and arm and a leg to keep them in books. Library's are wonderful things, but with the way the boys go through books its hard for them to keep up. LOL Hannah and Sam are doing just fine too. Sam has two weeks left of med's left before his ultrasound on the 15th of July. Hannah will be heading to her Grammy Marlatt's on Monday and I will be left with only three kids for the month. She is way excited. I am excited for her to but will miss the runt. :/ Well that be it for the moment.



Debbie Murdock said...

I had to laugh at the blog heading being that I live here. But we always hear people add another letter which is usually not that nice.

Katrina said...

Good Luck with the Pampered Chef consultant... hope you do really well with it Stacie, I know you can.
It has been nice to have you all here in UT. :)

AJ said...

Good luck with Pampered Chef. Have your kids read the new book by Rick Riordan? The Red Pyramid. We're working our way through it. I've finished and the other three are still taking turns reading.