Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rock City

On our way to Utah to visit, we drove the scenic route to get there. ;) We went through the City of Rocks. I have been feeling of late that we miss so much that is so close around us because we are not willing to take a little bit more time. So yesterday we made a detour. It was so, so cool!

The City of Rocks is a smattering of rock formations south of Burley Idaho. They are nestled in a valley. It is really interesting to see all of the formations. We got out for a few to let the kids climb around.

This is also were we discovered that Nikolas left every shoe he owns back 2 hours at our house in Boise. So if you look close at his feet you will see that he borrowed his dad's size 13's. LOL We are making a DI run later today to get him some shoes.
Marc really liked this formation because that big bolder on the top looked like it was going to fall off.
And everyone except Alex thought that this one looked like "praying hands".

God created such a beautiful world. And I think that sometimes we forget that it was created for us to see and feel and be a part of. Taking a few extra moments to see something new is always an adventure, but one that I am will in to take.


Cindi said...

What a beautiful place...thank you for sharing it with us! You are so right about our appreciation of what God hath made!

Meggan said...

who leaves their shoes...seriously:)

April said...

I was there last year. It is beautiful!