Friday, June 18, 2010


Phew! I am glad to be at the end of this week. It has been chuck full of appointments and things that need to be done. Mostly it has been trying to get Sam in working order. Looks like that is going to take another surgery to do. For the next two weeks he is on 4 different medications. One is a nasal spray, the other three are pills. The he just has two of the pills for the remaining two weeks after that. Then he has the mapping CT scan and then by the last week in July first part of August he will go in.
 This time they are going to biopsy the tissue and culture the mucus so that we can maybe, probably, hopefully figure out what is going on in there. Next week he is headed to the Dermatologist to look at his ears. If between all of us we can't come up with some answers to keep him healthy, then he will be sent to a Rhemitologist. They specialize in autoimmune problems. Keep us in your prayers that we can figure out the underlying cause of his problems. Everyone else is okay. We go in two weeks to see what will happen with Alex's hernia. They will tell us if it need surgery or not. Hoping not. :) We are really just taking it a day at a time and having faith that all will work out in time. May not be our time, but that's okay. The Lord knows our needs and what we can handle, so I set it before him.

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Meggan said...

oh just take him out back and shoot him;) jk! is the cocking head thing Al's new way to take pics:)cute:)