Sunday, June 20, 2010

FHE~At the Rose Garden


This evening for Family Home Evening we loaded up and went to the Rose Garden. It was soo lovely. I took tons of pictures. I couldn't decided which ones to pick, so I am leaving it up to you. ;)  

Some of the roses smelled yummy. This one was called "Cherry Parfait". We all loved it but I would say Miss B was in heaven. Rose are her favorite flower.
I have lots of pictures of her because she is so flippin' photogenic. LOL But look at those eyes! Can you blame me?!
Al is always good for a pose. He like deciding how I should take his picture.

All of my boys are so handsome. I know Marc and I are nice looking people. We didn't get to much of a weird gene, but together we have some handsome children.
Here are some pictures of my kids in TRUE form. LOLOL They are such hams!
I love this shot of Jan. It really captures her beauty.
Hannah kept insisting that I come and see this spot she found. I was to take her picture. :) She loved how the yellow rose fell into her lap and there was little spot that she fit perfectly into.

Had to throw one of me in there. Take it for what it is. Me in my fatness. :/ Actually it turned out to be a good picture. I struggle with seeing myself on film, but my babies need to know that I love them enough to put up pictures of myself because to them I am beautiful.

Truly these Beautiful children are my roses. They make me laugh and smile and give me grey hairs (at least one). They are my jewels and there was never a better time spent, than with my roses.


Katrina said...

Love the pictures of every one... I love the boys hair cuts, they are very handsome, and Hannah is such a beautiful young woman. Stacie you and Marc and Jan look great too... really great pictures.

Michelle said...

What a cute family, what a beautiful place to spend with your family!