Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boys' Got Talent

Sickness has been abounding in our household for a few days now. Saturday night Sam came down with a stomach flu and vomited twice. Luckily he made the bathroom. Praise the Lord for older children. I came down with a tired/sinus/yucky cough thing Sunday and Hannah has been battling that today. Then Nik came down with the stomach thing this afternoon.
He is rather pale and has had a green tinge which you can sort of see in the first photo. Now being my eldest and experienced in the whole "how to vomit in the toilet" routine, one might expect nothing out of the ordinary. But not my son. He's got talent! LOL For most of the afternoon he has been hugging a bowl and at about 6pm he finally lost the contents of his stomach. Feeling everything that he ate for the last two days coming up, he stuck his head in the bowl and headed for the toilet. He made it to the toilet but the force of the vomit knocked the bowl from his hands directly into the toilet bowl. Which he continued to throw up in, but because of the bowl in the toilet, he pretty much covered it completely and hit everything but what he had been aiming for. I am amazed at how far last nights dinner can splatter when it hits a bowl bobbing around in the toilet. It was special. LOL Lucky for me Marc was there to help him into the shower because I tend to be sympathetic when it comes to that sort of thing. *UHG* My boy is definitely talented. To be able to hit both the toilet and the bowl floating in it requires skills indeed.

P.S. 10:52pm ~ Hannah just started. She makes S patterns in the carpet. At least Marc has a place to stand while he cleans. ::YUCK::

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Katrina said...

You poor folks... sorry to hear your all battling the flue/cold stuff.... as you know i have had the cold chest thing going on since I have been here in Conn. I am feeling a little better today but still not 100 percent yet. Hope you all get well soon.... love ya lots