Friday, June 11, 2010

Better Today

Today was a better day. I cleaned like a maniac (including my gutter) and then this afternoon took my kids hiking in the foothills. Nothing like a shot of vitamin D to help the mood. We did the Seaman's Gulch Loop. 2 1/2 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Not to bad for our first outing. :)

When we got back our pool was finally  open! So in we went. It was on the chilly side because of the wind but it was still fun. You can see the chilliness by the kiddo's faces. LOL  
These last three pictures are of Sammy's poor eyes. They are sunburned or so the doctor thinks. It is not good that is for sure. He was wearing a hat, but has sun glasses now too.          

Poor guy looks like he has pink eye but only on the exposed part of the eye. He hasn't been looking into the sun. This happens every time there is a sunny day out. So we are adding Optometrist to the list of doctors we are seeing next week.


Katrina said...

Poor Sam.... I hope they will find out what is going on with you honey... love you. Stacie, hang in there things will get better, it is all in Heavenly Fathers hands, you are not you lots.

Michelle said...

how fun, I love summer, I love hiking, I love the sun, glad you are doing better.