Friday, May 28, 2010

When Mommies Sleep In

Marc and I crawl out of bed at 6:30am so that we can get our kiddo's out the door to the bus on time. 7:40 on the dot. Right now because of our schedule we have been going back to bed for an hour right after they head out the door. This last week my sister and her boys have been visiting. They have been getting up around the same times that the kids have been leaving. This has allowed for us to get them breakfast and generally be aware of what is going on. This morning we got a bit out of wack. The boys didn't get up until after Marc and I had gone back to bed and because of us generally being up and leaving the TV on Delanie sent them down thinking that we would be watching them. No such luck. At 5 to 9 I woke up and thought "I really need to see what is going on." LOL This is what I found when I walked into the kitchen. Ryan and Jesse decide they had waited long enough and were starving. This settled upon, they toasted up 1/2 a loaf (7 pieces in all) of bread and were busily buttering it when I came upon the scene. :) I just had to grab the camera. I am very grateful it was toast they were hankering for and not scrambled eggs, no telling what the outcome of that would have been. ;)


Shannon Lytle said...

That's funny that they made so many pieces of toast! You're right, it could have been a much worse scenario. I also liked the "...and generally be aware of what is going on" part. :)

Cindi said...

One morning Ally got up at 5:00 and decided to make breakfast for me...eggs, jello, cheese and cheerios all mixed in a bowl...yum!