Friday, April 23, 2010

Suprise Visitors

So low and behold Wednesday I get a call from sister in law asking if I wanted some company for three days since her hubby had to work most the weekend. I was so excited for them to come! Megg and the kids got here yesterday afternoon. Today we have been hanging out and doing some quilting. We have also been playing with baby C. I had a left over scrap of fabric that I tied into a bow for Caitlyn.Then we had Hannah try it out when she got home. The girls sure looked cute. :) Hannah loves hold and helping with Caitlyn. Hannah so wants to be a mom when she grown it. It is way cute. Here is Lady C looking "up" to her older cousin. LOLThen Caitlyn decide to help Hannah with her homework. I am not sure how helpful she was because Caitlyn was sit on her paper work. It is fun to see Hannah B growing and changing before my eyes. She is maturing into such a beautiful young woman.Then Caitlyn's Auntie couldn't resist. She looks so adorable in goggles and they matched her outfit so well. LOLOL Megg go a really good picture of her a little more head on that is HILARIOUS.

I have plans of getting some more pictures of the boys but they have been zooming by on their bikes and keep coming out blurry. We are having a wonderful time. I am so thankful Meggs could come up and play for a day or two. I love it when they come. :)

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Katrina said...

sounds like fun girls... i must say i missed not coming too....:( next time maybe....have fun and we will see you all next weekend.