Sunday, April 25, 2010



Red is a bright fire truck siren
going on and off.
Red is the ketchup I
put on my hot dog.
It is the ladybugs
I see in the dark woods.
Red is the small cherries growing
on a tree.
It is the sweet tasting strawberries
on a bush.
Red is the blood that gushes out of my body
when I fall.
It is the spicy salsa I
 put on my tacos.
Red is the fireworks sparkling
on the Fourth of July.
Red is my favorite color.

                                        Samuel Catanzaro

(Sam wrote this all by himself for school. I just had to share.)


Katrina said...

That is awesome and very talented Sam... keep it up. See you on the weekend. Love you.

Jen said...

You have quite the little poet there. Good Job Sammy! And happy baptism btw...we wish we could all be there this weekend. We love you!