Sunday, April 4, 2010


Spring break is coming fast to a close. I accomplished some of what I wanted to do, but not everything and that's okay (there really was no sun to speak of this week, so I didn't get to much soaking). What I did do was spend time with my mom and enjoy my family more that I have been able to do recently. As a cap stone for Easter, I have been able to listen to our Prophet and Apostles teach the truth of Christ. I felt the spirit of the Lord poured out like rain and I soaked it up like partched earth in the hight of drought. As I listened to, and now as I continue to ponder the truths that have been taught, I am trying to figure out how to incorperate those truths into my everyday life better. There was much talk on Faith and the work and effort that it take to cultivate and maintian that faith everyday. Donal L. Holstrom said the we should "never let an earthly circumstance disrail us spiritually". I was struck by this idea of spiritual derailment.
 How many times during the day am I simply distracted, frustrated, or thrown off course by the cares of the day? As I strive to stay spiritually in-tune, I fret that I am too caught up in my worldly cares. Another thing that struck me was by Wilford W. Anderson. He said that "Hope does not depend upon circumstance, but on faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ". The only way to have hope is to build faith and that takes work. It is that work that builds our confiedence in the Lord and gives us the faith to continue through the next day. I want to be an example to my children of faith and commitment to the truths that I know to be the foundation of our very breath.

I loved this conference. It has been renewing and thought provoking. Hope, Faith, and Trust in the Lord. Every day. 

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Katrina said...

I love the Conference too... so many great talks and things to think about.