Monday, April 12, 2010

8 & 13

Numbers are such definitive things. They are concrete evidence that something is the way it is no matter how disbelieving you are. Mostly they bring home how, that no matter the moment, they just keep ticking away. Today they are bringing a bit of sadness and a whole lot of joy. My baby, the last child I had, is 8 years old today. He graced us with his presence a bit sooner than was expected. 2 weeks and 4 days earlier to be exact. (That's right Jen, he was due April 29th LOL) Sam has always been about the Drama! LOL As he made his entrance on Marcs and my 5 year anniversary, hence the 13. Yes today it has been 13 years since I bound myself to the most wonderful man. We have work, cried, laughed and played making it through 13 years! I am amazed at how time is funny, in that it seems like yesterday and eternity at the same time. I am looking forward to the next 13. It should be an adventure. By the time I write that we have made it another 13 years, Sam will be 21 and returning home from his mission! All my children will have graduated high school and my eldest will be 26!!! Wow I guess that means I will be old. LOL At least it will be a medium old, so it won't be to bad. ;) Happy Birthday Sam! Happy Anniversery Marc! Love you both.


Becky said...

Happy birthday to your cute boy and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you guys. :) 13 years is a great number!!!

Jen said...

Happy B-day to Sammy...and congrats on 13 years of marriage!

love you,

Shannon Lytle said...

I love the picture of little Sam in the overalls. He still looks practically the same! =)