Sunday, March 7, 2010


I decided it was time for some Calvin. He always does such a great job of summing up my feeling with wonderful clarity. ;)I have never been a fan of homework, but have always understood the necessity of those dreaded pages. This semester my relationship has strengthened to much more of a love/hate relationship. I always hate it unless it is done. So I decided to make myself a checklist in the hopes of making it more manageable.

1) write 2 page response paper ... check
2) moderate class on feminism as an art history theory, write a three page summery, bibliography, study questions, and PowerPoint ... check
3)write a 5 page paper summery on article "The Body and the Archive" ... check
4)take Baroque test ... check
5)Everything else ... SOOO NOT CHECKED

Hence my complete aversion to homework. Maybe if I didn't have so much work at home, the homework from school wouldn't be so bad. :P


Katrina said...

It will be over soon and then you can get to those needed and want to things. Love ya

Heavenly said...

You sound like Deon--he has an excel file with everything color coded and a column for GIANT checks when it's done. LOL

I think you get more done than you think you're doing. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Becky said...

But when it's ALL'll be SO proud! :)

Megs said...

Calvin only speaks the TRUTHS of life! ;)
You are awesome for doing all you do! ;) Hang in there you are AWESOME!!!! ;D