Friday, March 19, 2010


Sam came down with fevers Thursday and I am tired of everyone catching round upon round of illness, sooo....Lysol is now my best friend. My house just got disinfected like you wouldn't believe! Anything that could be harboring a germ got attacked. BWAAAHAAA! (manic laughing) Seriously though if I thought it might have been remotely breathed on and/or touched it got sprayed. I also changed my air filter, filthy BTW, so that should help too. Bruce and Katrina are on their way. They should be getting here around 4:30. Yes! So excited! And Nik is off on his first scout camping trip. They are going on a "significant hike", whatever that means. LOL He will survive, but will be one tired pup.It is soo pretty and sunny here today. I am really loving just soaking up the rays. Helps with the mood you know, so I am not just being lazy, not that I get classified as such anyway. :P

Till next time,


Meggan said...

ask your MIL about onions and germs!

Becky said...

YES...I HEARD about the onions too. I'm trying it next time we get sick.