Monday, March 29, 2010

Better Bookshelf

BEFORE:I have been working on my list. I can now successfully check off my bookshelves. They look 100% better. (I gave away books from all my bookshelves in the other room so I weeded down nicely.)I also put a couple pictures of my living room in. I changed the couch and the chairs and added a rug. A way to deal with my spot problem from an earlier post. ;) Anyway. I have things pretty well straightened up and even though there is no sun today, I plan on cross stitching and rocking on my porch for a while. :)

AFTER: ooohhh, aaahhh *contented sigh*


Meggan said...

hmmmm....where did all those books go? :)looks good!

Katrina said...

Looks great and I am sure your happier with the living room like that.

Jen said...

your bookshelf and living room look great. I really do love what you did with your family wall :) Great jorb :)

Megs said...

WOW!!! You must feel SO great about such an organized space! i have been trying to organize our house by bits and pieces! So hard to do with the little ones around and all of us crammed into a small condo...but without so much JUNK it won't seem so least that is what I keep telling myself! LOL
GREAT work Stac, I am super impressed!
Oh...I am SO GLAD to see you kept our good friend Stephenie Meyers books...made my heart glad to see it! ;D ROFL!!!!!! ;)