Saturday, February 27, 2010


My flowers are starting to spring! It is so exciting to see these signs of life.Tulips and Hyacinths are making there presence known.Sam loved this one because it caught some rain water in its leaves. :) My peony is coming up and one can never discount my "garden of eden" pansy's. LOL
Or so my sweet husband has named them. This is my new climbing rose bush. I am excited to see how it will grow. And then there are these silly chives. LOL It really makes me laugh because it isn't even March and they just keep truckin' along.These last two pictures are from when Katrina and Megg came to visit the first week in February. Miss C loves her Uncle Marc-e and it was so fun to watch them together. She was just staring at him, just listening as intently as could be as Coach Cat explained the Super Bowl. She sat there for 15 minutes just staring at him yappin' away (as he puts it). Makes me smile every time. :)


msnhascat1 said...

stupid plants LOL. Those Pansey's are never going to die. LOLOLOLOL. And Miss C needs to learn football to be part of this family. At least she will know who to route for. go Broncos right. ;P

I love you


Katrina said...

wow your plants are doing so well. it is great.