Friday, February 19, 2010

Stacie Anne

I don't have a middle name. This frustrates the heck out of Marc because it is very unsatisfying to be yelling at me and for it to be cut short. STACIE ____. There is nothing for him say after Stacie. LOL I don't think that when my parents didn't give me a middle name, that their intent was to frustrate my hubby, but they have succeeded. But he is not the only one who finds this lack of middle odd. Marc has been working hard over the years to "give" me a middle name. Megg has been working at this too. They just make me laugh. Off and on I will be called by either of them with some middle name that they have come up with and are trying out. Stacie Ellen (no, not my favorite), Stacie Lynn, Stacie Marlatt, none of which really work for me. So Marc has basically given up, as to him I am just his sweetheart, but Meggs has continued on the quest of giving me a middle name. She has now informed me that she has decide on Stacie Ann. I told her that was fine as long as it was Ann with and E. ;) So now I am Stacie Anne, at least to Megg. :) All this name thinking got me thinking about what my name means. I have known for a long time that Stacie means resurrection, but as I have never had a middle name until quite recently I wanted to look up Anne. I found that Anne meant favored grace. I think I can live with that. :) Hmm, Stacie Anne.


Becky said...

I don't have a middle name either. Stacie Anne sounds cute. :)

Cindi said...

Cute post...cute "Anne with an E"! It suits you!!!

The Crazy Heads said...

Love it. My middle name is Ann. I never knew that it meant grace. That's funny because we gave Olivia a middle name of Grace. Ironic! Tiffany means appearance of God. That goes well with favored grace. Thanks for the info!

Heavenly said...

I thought he stopped after STACIE just because he was frustrated with you...not because you didn't have a middle name.

Poor Marc.


Katrina said...

I like it.... what does your mom think????

AJ said...

I like the middle name, too. But you know that I don't have a middle name, right? Of course, my parents weren't into using the whole name when they were mad at us. If we were lucky they forgot what they were yelling about before they got to our name...haha. With nine kids they usually yelled about 5-6 names before they got to the right one. As for Ann with an E...I wished mine was spelled that way after reading "Anne of Green Gables"

Josh said...

Anne (with an E) is a great middle name...and mine! I'll gladly share it with you :) Congrats on a new middle name...I think it suits you!
love ya!

msnhascat1 said...

I guess the Anne's have it then. When do we make it official. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Love you

Stacie Anne

Your sweetie


Meggan said... i missed this post...and couldn't for the life of me figure out why Grammy S wrote us an email about "Anne"...thought I sent her a copy of an email I sent your or something:) lol...nope... she saw your blog:) So here I am writing my comment on your post about Stacie Anne. I like it. :)

Miss Hoosy