Thursday, February 18, 2010


Holy Toledo! My busy-ness level this last week and 1/2 has been through the roof. Marc is very excited to be seeing me again, as he has been a single dad all week. :P But I finished this last project. I had to team lead a three hour class discussion on Feminism and Psychoanalysis as methods of art history. Needless to say I have been going a bit nuts. It involved a power point, 10 minute lecture, answering questions, posting discussions questions, and writing a 3 page summery with image and book bibliography. Phew! Makes me tired just listing it all. It feels good to have it done and I am grateful to be finished. I still have a lot of work left yet, but this takes quiet a bit of the pressure off to have this done. Anyway.

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Meggan said...

good choice for background...its sparkly ;)