Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dictionary, anyone?

I have been in college for 4 years now and was no slouch when it came to "big words" before I started. Over this time I have learned many more words and have felt like I have a fairly good grasp on what I have had to read. That is until this semester. I am learning all about art theory and doing a TON of reading. This reading would not be so bad if I didn't have to stop every other sentence to look up what a word means in order to understand what I am reading. It is frustrating because much of the time it would be just as easy to say something in layman's terms, but they have to sound "academic". Here is a small sampling of the words that I have encountered just this afternoon...

Panopticon: a prison that allowed the observer to observe the prisoners without the prisoners being able to tell whether they were being watcher. Creates a sentiment of an invisible omniscience
Interpellating: a parliamentary procedure of demanding that government officials explain an act or policy
Petit-bourgeois: section of the middle class with the lowest social status
Hermeneutic: the study of or the interpretation of
Hegemony: superiority, dominance, or leadership of one social group or nation over others (I actually knew this one, but only because I had to look it up last week.)
Paradigm: serves as a model or pattern of

Honestly I understand using your education, but I would think you would want the people that you are trying to persuade to actually understand your argument. It would certainly make reading this stuff much easier to read. :P


Meggan said...

I expect these words to be used in conversation now:P (comment down a post also)

Curtis and Shauna said...

That's tough. That kind of reading is hard for me. It's nice to learn a new word every once in a while, but when your reading and you have to look up more than 40% of the book, it's not fun.

Heavenly said...

LOL...I am familiar with all those words except panopticon--which sounds like one of those events where people dress up and act silly for each other. Wait...I guess that would make sense. ;)

Keep moving forward... :D

Becky said...

That makes my brain hurt. ;)

Cindi said...

I always learn something from your posts...but these words...they make my eyes cross!