Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things That Filter Through

I got to wondering ... does feeding my kids cereal for dinner break some sort of mom cardinal rule? I mean it's not like we eat it just every once in awhile. We have cereal for dinner at least once a week, then for breakfast and sometimes snack too. We have cereal in bowls, in baggies, and sometimes straight out of the bag. Now most of you understand how busy we are but for those of you less familiar I will run down a typical day. We all get up at 6:15 am, have scriptures and breakfast, take showers and get dressed and have about 10 minutes of Martha Speaks before we kneel for prayer and the kids run out the door to catch the bus at 7:40. Then Marc and I get breakfast, a shower, and get dressed, but not always in that order. Then we check our email, face book, and blogs, get our book bags ready to go, make a lunch and get out the door by 9:50 to make it to school for class at 10:40. Then depending on the day Marc and I have class until 3 or 4. Marc drives home because he is done by 3 and then picks up Sam from homework club at 4:00. Then Nik at 4:30 from basketball. The other kids get off the bus and are home by 3:45. They get a snack, do homework and then go out to play until it is dark. Meanwhile, I am done by 4 and have either rode my bike home, to the bus transfer station, or to Willow Park (about 4 mile from home) for Marc to pick me up. Then I get home and try to get some sort of dinner ready for Marc so on Tuesday's and Thursday's he can head back to class by 5:15 for class at 6:00. I feed the kids dinner (whatever that may be) get them cleaned and changed, continue working on homework, and generally keep them from killing each other until it is time for bed. At 7:45 they get heat packs and do the whole bed time routine, have prayer and then put them to bed by 8:00. Then I get to do my homework, which is interspersed with putting the kids back in bed at least once, but usually 3 or 4 times. :P Tuesday, Thursdays Marc gets home about 9:00-9:30 and by that point I am about ready to pass out. Then by about 11:00 we have had prayer, scriptures and are in bed. Not everyday is quiet as busy. Tuesdays I don't have school, but Mondays are worse because Alex has his OT session, his counseling session, and Sam has his allergy shot on top of homework club and Nik's basketball, then there is Young Men's and Activity Day Girls. *sigh* I am tired just writing it all down. And it doesn't even include everything. So back to the original question...Am I break a cardinal mom rule by feeding them so much cereal? It's not even the healthy kind. We are into sugar cereal in this house. I worry that I am warping my children indelibly. My mom always had meals on, but we did have pizza for Thanksgiving more than once. Granted it was on china plates, but maybe that is where I get my unconventional meal dealings from. Within any case I really hope that I am not stunting there growth or killing their brain cells from all the preservatives. These are just things I think about. Sad, but true.


The Crazy Heads said...

I personally don't give my kids sugar cereal that often, they only get it on Saturday and Sunday morning, but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. I grew up that way. We had cereal all the time. I remember going through a box of captain crunch in about an hour with my brother.
I like to remind myself of something that I heard once at a relief society meeting. Don't let people tell you can't do everything, you can. You really can do it all, just not all at the same time. Maybe you can have those homecooked meals waiting for your family......when you're done with school.
You guys keep way busy and the fact that you have 4 kids and they are all still alive tells me that you're doing just fine.

Good Luck!

AJ said...

Like Tiffany said, you do what you can when you can. If cereal is in the meal plan now, maybe you can cut back in the future. Maybe you can start getting them used to healthier cereals here and there, too.

Heavenly said...

You're too busy.

Eat sugar.

Beth said...

Have you thought of doing freezer meals? I love to have quick things on hand for the busy nights like homemade burritos, spaghetti sauce or chili. Even taking some time to pre-cook chicken and hamburger and then freezing it is a lifesaver! You are doing the best you can, and you are busy!! I just find that cereal doesn't fill up my growing boys as well as a grilled cheese or tuna sandwich. Good luck, you are awesome!