Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Fog

It has come to me that as of late I have been having a bit of a pity party for myself, struggling through getting into school, coping with some emotional stuff and generally slogging through the last little bit. I decided that it is time to get on with life. Truth is I have a wonderful life and need to remember that.

1. I have an absolutely amazing husband who...get this...think I am beautiful.
2. I have four healthy, happy, loud, funny children.
3. I have a beautiful home in which to live. Full of the things I love, a warm and comfy haven from the world outside.
4. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and know the truth of the Gospel. I know what I am doing here and where I will be going after this life.
5. I live in a place were Spring comes by the middle of March. That means by the first of April my flowers start blooming. :)
6. I have a working car. That is always a miracle. It gets me to wherever I need to go, be it across the street or across the state.
7. I am healthy and have the ability to run, walk, stand, and do pretty much anything I would like. I don't have to take a medication everyday or an injection. I am blessed with good health.
8. I also have a healthy mind, that works (most of the time) pretty well.
9. I have known true sorrow, which in turn has let me truly be grateful for the joy that can be found in this life.

I am sorry for the mopey attitude of late. I have to much work to do to stay in the ruts of life. Just like the fog of an early morning day, it only take a little bit of sun to burn it off. If you are having a foggy day take a few steps and walk into the sun. It is amazing how much better life looks from there.


Beth said...

That was beautiful Stacie!

Three Catanzaros said...

well it's about time you cheered up:P no pity parties for our visit:) we want Happy Happy Happy :D

Jen said...

Stacie, thank you for this post. You've mirrored a lot of the thoughts I've had of late...it's been harder for me this last time having Erick gone, and I haven't figured out why. But I found that counting my blessings also helped get me out of the funk :) At least momentarily :)love u!

Curtis and Shauna said...

That was really sweet!! Thanks!