Saturday, January 23, 2010


My world is very diverse. Soft bodies that snuggle up with me in a hug. Warm, soapy water that contrasts the smooth edges of the dishes that I wash. The prickly whiskers that tickle my face when I get a kiss from the love of my life. The soft rain that speckles my glasses when I look out on the world. It is this diversity that caught my attention yesterday when I was walking out of the Rec Center. It had been raining (not much of a change from the rest of the week) but at that moment it had stopped, leaving little droplets of water hanging off these tree branches and I thought "I need to take a picture of that". So out came the camera and there began 15 minutes or so of complete frustration! Uhg! Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of a tiny branch when your camera wants to focus on the building behind it? Between not getting the focus, then knocking the water droplets off the branch, I decided that I need to find another tree and try again. That is when I discovered the coolest looking tree trunk ever. Silly to notice these things, but sometimes that it what I have to do.
The bark was peeling away from the trunk, curling and twisting, as the tree grew.
So I abandon my droplets and focused on something unexpected and spectacular. :)This is the series that I shot. It was amazing to me that on such a horrible day, when the grey clouds matched my mood and the rain hid my tears, Heavenly Father helped me find my focus.


Katrina said...

Stacie, after reading your couple of posts I think maybe your a little over whelmed this semester, take a deep breath and know that your doing the best you can at the moment. Take one day at a time, and know that this will not last for long,each season brings something new.Know that your loved by many and things will even out pretty soon. Love ya

Shannon Lytle said...

I thought you said writing wasn't one of your talents! You are very good with words. This post is beautiful and poetic.