Sunday, January 24, 2010


My kids are freakin' awesome! All day since coming home from church, Hannah and Nik have been upstairs working on their routines. :)
Marc got the Lord of the Dance CD from the secondhand store and the kids have been listening to it ever since. Anyways you need to take a few minutes at look at one of the routines they made up. They choreographed this whole sword scene by themselves!

This is my favorite segment. I especially love where Hannah's sword gets taken away. It is really just great fun. It is broke into three so that my computer could upload it. They make me so proud. ENJOY! I know I did quiet immensely.


AJ said...

Aren't kids fun?! Great routines!

What's Normal? said...

i seen that you commented on my photo blog. i am running a special right now for children sessions...$50 which includes a portrait CD with about 24+ (usually more...i am quite trigger happy) high resolution photos.

so, for your 4 kids, it would be $50. i am pretty open right now as it is kind of the off season for sessions.

Three Catanzaros said...