Monday, December 28, 2009

A Full Week

It has been a wonderful, busy Christmas holiday! My brother, Wayne, came down on the 17th, then my sister and her three boys came down on the 19th. Actually I went down to Springville and picked her up, but it is the same difference. :) My mom and dad came in on the 23, but they stayed a family friends. Christmas Eve we had a very nice dinner and here is my table all set up. We made Gingerbread houses. Ryan need to have is his picture taken next to all that candy! LOL
Sam got a football outfit from Uncle Wayne for Christmas. He has basically lived in his uniform since he got it. :D He absolutely loves football.
This is the cutting board that my brother made for me. It is beautiful. He made it out of teak, maple, walnut, and blood wood. It works so well. It is so pretty that I didn't want to use it, but I got over it and started using it Saturday. For Nik's ordination, the rest of Marc's family came up. We couldn't resist getting a picture of Caitlyn and Ben together. They are 4 weeks and 5 days apart, but Caitlyn is on the small side and Ben the big. LOL His arm is the size of her leg.

I am so grateful for all of my family being here. It was a most awesome thing to have Bruce, Chris, Matt, Jason, Steve, Bro. Moore and Bro. Catmale conferring the priesthood to Nik. He is officially a deacon. It is amazing to have two priesthood holders in my household. The only thing I have wished for was to have had Wayne be worthy to have been in the circle with everyone else. But that will come in time. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! I am so grateful to all my family and friends. :) Love you all.


Three Catanzaros said...

very cute:) congrats on the priesthood Nik, we love you!

Becky said...

Beautiful table setting Stacey. :) I'm glad you had a great Christmas.

Katrina said...

It was a wonderful weekend. We love you so much and we are thankful for all of you too.
Love ya

AJ said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Congrats, Nik! I could always tell a difference in our house when one more of the boys was a priesthood holder. And now that two of the boys are elders it's even better.

Krista said...

Joyful congratulations on your ordination, Nik! :) (I can't believe he's 12 already!!! :)

And Stacey - GORGEOUS cutting board!!! Does your brother sell those at all? And what fun gingerbread houses! :) Glad it was such a fun Christmas with family!!! :)