Saturday, December 5, 2009


We put up our Christmas Tree and most of our decorations last Monday, but my dinning room was looking despicably un-christmassy. So as a project I got some pine cones, glued the heck out of them and then encrusted them in glitter. Then I took some sting and some thumbtacks and hung them on the ceiling. Actually I pressed Hannah into service. She got up on the table to help me hang them. It was such a hardship for her. :D
Here you can see my dinning room looking very plain.
This is my station that I set up. I have been cleaning up glitter a lot since Thursday. lol Stuff gets everywhere.
This was my lot all glued and glittered. They were still drying, all the white is the glue.
Here's B dutifully hanging the pine cones for me. :) It is hard work sticking thumbtack's into the ceiling.
She seems to have survived.
Here they are all pretty and sparkly. They look really pretty with just the tree lights. Also if you look at the back of the table you will see a few of the larger houses. Hannah and Sam thought we should go find some more people to go with them. So off the the second hand store we went and made a great find!!
This is our big village now! We found a box with 5 large pieces and tons of people. There were only a few little people missing, but the houses were in fantastic shape! We even got a Temple (or so Sam calls the really pretty church). My dinning room is looking much more in the spirit. Nothing like making your home complete. The kids and I had a lot of fun and create a few memories for the road. :D


Michelle said...

Cool decorations. I didn't know you could buy those villages at a second hand store. Why would people want to give them away?

Cindi said...

Love it all!!!

Katrina said...

Very lovely,your catching up with my village.... won't be long.
Merry Christmas