Friday, November 27, 2009


Once upon a time, in a land not to distant from my own home, there was a lonely, much maligned appliance. This appliance had been used and abused for more years than one can count. She worked hard doing a dirty, dirty job. Then one day, about a year past, she decided that she'd had enough! "NO MORE!", she cried, as she came to a grinding halt. The maiden of the house was distressed. What to do? What to do? Maybe she could be coaxed into working again? Or if she were reset? "No, nO, NO! I will not go." So the maiden learned to only use one side of her sink and lamented at the loss of this appliance. As the months went was thought...maybe if there is the right kind of tool, she would work again and I would be able to use both sides of my sink. So when the maiden's day laborer came for a visit, she sent this laborer off for this magical tool. But the laborer only had a few short days, so alas...this poor, tired appliance sat quiet and still. A few more months went by and the laborer returned. Oh the Joy! For at last the time had come to bring this appliance back to life! So the labor plunged into the deep abyss and valiantly worked to bring the poor girl back. But this lady was not easy persuaded and would not give up on her retirement. After pulling and coaxing and working away it was finally decided by the laborer that this sad appliance was definitely dead. She need to be replace and fast for the laborer and the maiden had much work to do. It was the day before Thanksgiving and the need was great! So as is true to the course the laborer grunted and slaved to replace the old with the new! This new appliance is beautiful and shiny and promised an easy fix for all involved. But alas she too was not pleased to be brought in on such short notice and required some coaxing of her own. There were tears. She cried and made those around her cry. But after much effort (probably close to 3 hours) she gave in gracefully, deciding that the maiden's home was a good place to be. She is quiet and contented to work away, making the maiden's heart sing with jubilation! As she could now use both sides of her sink!
This would be the garbage disposesal that I replace Wednesday morning. LOL Not the easiest thing I have ever done, but soooo worth it!

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Michelle said...

Wow stacie I am very impressed with your talented way of telling the story and that you are such a handywomen. Great job!!!!