Saturday, November 7, 2009


This last Thursday we had all of the kids Parent Teacher Conferences. Makes for a long weekend as they have two extra days off, but it is good to know were they are. Especially the older three, because they get letter grades now. The general concessions is that they all need to do their homework! LOL Nik would be getting much better grades if all of his work wasn't a week late. Everyone is doing really good though. They all enjoy there teachers and class. I am grateful that they all like school as much as they do. :)
Here are three out of the four kids in front of the projects that they have done and are displayed in the hallways. Alex made a cool peacock tale, but wouldn't stand for a picture. Shocker that one. LOL Hannah did a still life of a pumpkin.
Nik wrote an awesome "I Am" poem. And Sam wrote a Thanksgiving Letter. They were all really cute.
And here is Marc. Here he is wait of the next appointment. CUTIE!

Glad to be done until the spring. I am also very excited that B and K are coming down for the weekend next week for the kids Primary Presentation. It will be nice to have them, they haven't been here since August. Two more weeks of school and then we are off for the week of Thanksgiving!! WooHoo!!! I am so looking forward to the break. This semester has flown. Well that is it for now. :)

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Becky said...

Cute pictures. :) Love Hannah's artwork - very good.