Sunday, November 15, 2009


This weekend Bruce and Katrina came up for the kid's Primary Presentation. We had a lovely time for the last few days. Grandpa heard about all the board games that the kids have been playing and decided to pick up the game of Life for them all to play.
Grandpa did great with them. They were very, very, very excited to play with him and were on the hyper side. LOL To put it mildly.
Grandpa was the banker/doctor/mechanic/teacher. Hannah was an athlete, Alex lawyer, Nik was an accounted, Sam a vet, and Marc ended being the doctor that Bruce got kicked out of. :) It was so funny. He started out as the doc and then lost his job and had to work his way up. lolThere was also some pretty funny moments through out. Everyone had to get married and Sam was trying to fish out a "wife" for Nik and Grandpa told Sam to leave it alone, that "Nik could pick out his own wife." LOL Everyone found that extremely funny.
This picture is of Nik's car. He had SEVEN kids, two of them twins! LOL It was so funny. We teased him of being a "good mormon boy". Anyway he kept flinging his kids out the "window".
These last three pictures are of Hannah this morning before church. She is so pretty and growing so much.
I really love how the pictures came out. :) She is so cute. Brings home how grateful I am for such beautiful, healthy, children. They are such a blessing.


msnhascat1 said...

Great pics and great weekend.



Three Catanzaros said...

where's the "like" button:)

Heavenly said...

The middle picture of Hannah is gorgeous. You should frame it.