Monday, November 30, 2009

It has begun...

Tonight for family home evening, we put up our tree and Christmas decorations. Ah, the grand plans of holiday cheer and helpful hands. Needless to say the hands helping were a little to helpful, but we all survived and the house looks really nice. This will be our first year home in 2 years, as we have been gallivanting to the homes of extended family. We are also using our new fake tree. :) Got it last year on clearance! Yea for 75% off in January. Our old fake tree died about three or four move ago and this was a good investment. Hannah isn't in may of the pictures because she was our photographer for the night. LOL I have to discuss with her that "candid shots" don't mean 10 pictures of my backside at different angles. Don't you worry, I spared you. :PThe tree came out very nice. It was pre-lit, which made life MUCH easier.I am just left with getting some tinsel and the the tree will be done. Just didn't have enough energy to run to the store tonight.
I am looking forward to the coming festivities and the family that is to come. That is the reason for the three extra stockings, as we will be having Delanie and Jason with their three boys for Christmas.
Also my brother and Mom and Dad. The rest of the clan from Marc's side will descend on the Saturday after. I will keep you posted on the insanity that will be life for the next month. Until another day,


Katrina said...

Very nice.....have a great Season.

Heavenly said...

Looks great! We put ours up on Monday...after I curse and scream at the light strings on Sunday. ;)