Monday, November 2, 2009

The Games Afoot

I have recently been informed by my husband that he LOVES boardgames. :) This is a good thing as my kids LOVE boardgames and I really don't. They have never been my favorite thing and I am so grateful that Marc is such a fan because I am not so good at being patient playing them with my kids.
Early this week Alex wanted to get out Clue to play and the kids had to go through the instructions because it had been awhile since they played. So Marc being the great dad that he is got in on the action.
They have played like 4 or 5 games now in the last two days, with everyone winning at least once except Al. Figures as he was who wanted to play the game in the first place.
This is the expression of anticipation that we get when Nik "thinks he knows" who the murderer is. LOL
There was some serious high drama when dad thought he knew, made an accusation and was wrong. As evidenced by the picture, Hannah was very, very surprised that her dad was wrong. LOL
Nik was sooo anxious! He could hardly contain it, wondering if Sam got the clues right.
Unfortunately for Nik, Sam was right and Nik lost. I was trying to get a picture of the "throwing a fit because I lost" face. This was all I got. We definitely need to work on winning and losing graciously. LOL. They sure had a lot of fun though and it was lots of fun watching them play with their dad. :D


Three Catanzaros said...

that's cool:D

Becky said...

It's my FAVORITE family activity. Nothing better than a fun board game, some good snacks and family bonding. :)

msnhascat1 said...

i agree with Becky. It was a balst and I can't wait until this weekend to play again. Maybe Al will get his first W. LOL



Katrina said...

I think it is great that you all love it, even MOM who sits on the side line and take pictures. What a great family bonding time...FHE