Friday, October 16, 2009

Pretty Colors

Today has been an absolutely beautiful day! Sunny, warm, and what we should have been getting for the month of September. Instead of that 90 degree weather until second to last day of the same said month. :P On my bike ride home I came across this lovely gem.

It was so lovely. The sun hit it just right and I had to stop and take some pictures. :)I love how the leaves reflect the sun. I have been pretty stressed lately and it was nice to take a few moments of quiet.I took this picture from underneath. I love how blue the sky is. But I wondered at the orientation. Here is the same picture flipped upside down. I am not sure what direction I like better. Either way it is a beautiful shot. :)


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

B*E*A*Utiful pics. I miss the red ones though. thank you for being you.



Curtis and Shauna said...

So Beautiful!! I love fall leaves!