Thursday, October 1, 2009


Fall has officially arrived! Today's high 58 and sunny! It has been wonderful. I am enjoying the cool weather but I have a feeling that the fall weather will be short lived and we will head into old man winter fast. That's what happens when you have 90 degree weather until the last week of September. :P Here are two of my favorite wallpaper pictures for my computer and I thought I would share them. Our leaves are starting to change here and with the cool weather they are going faster. With Fall comes October and that means mid-terms. I have a test tomorrow and then two more over the next two weeks. Also a power-point presentation and tons of math homework. Of which when I am understanding the cardinality of infinite sets is call aleph null, just shoot me now because it means I am too involved in math! Anyways, Marc lost again last night 46-14 to Eagle. Not fun, but understandable as to the fact that swine flu, regular flu, and a stomach bug has hit Timberline and he was missing almost 1/2 his players. *sigh* They just did the best they could and played tough. He is at his varsity game tonight, but I have stayed home. My kids have revolted. They want to play not go with me to the games. Takes too much time away from friends. Well I have to get back at my math and history homework. I would like to pass my test tomorrow. :) I am kind of funny that way.


Heavenly said...

I can't wait until we have our own house. I'm planting me a sugar maple (Commemoration) right in front where I can enjoy it every Fall. :D

AJ said...

I'm glad those photos are just from your wallpaper. I was waiting for the nice colors to get our family photos and I thought suddenly I was too late. lol.

msnhascat1 said...

Yeah fall is here. The leaves changing, The cooler weather. I am so excited. Except for the flu though ;( I love you