Tuesday, October 6, 2009



v. craved, crav-ing, craves

1. To have an intense desire for.
2. To need urgently; require.
3. To beg earnestly for; implore.

In this life of mine I have craved a few things. When I was pregnant with Hannah I craved oranges like nobodies business. I would go through a 3 - 10lb bags in 4 days. I lived for them. Then when I was pregnant with Samuel I craved those Reese's Peanut butter Eggs. You know the big ones that they have out before Easter. Oh Yea. I would eat a package of those (6) in one setting and then ask Marc to pick up more so I could eat some the next day! I loved them. But since having had my children I don't tend to crave things as much anymore. Cinnamon gummies will be on the list every once in awhile and then I will want Twinkies, Yummieness, and then I will crave a big, fresh, salad with every fresh veggie I can get my hands on and cubes of cheese and fresh bacon bits. Somewhat of an odd combination, I know. :)

But as I have headed into my 30's my taste buds have change some and now I carve new things along with the old standbys. I will want a small glass of chocolate milk, the good kind that comes made in a jug.
And what I really wanted this week is the White Chocolate, Macadamia Nut, Carmel Apple from Freddies, ie. The Devil Store. LOL I have been craving this thing since a week ago. It is sooooo good! Fact is I mostly take out the apple and eat the carmel, nuts and chocolate, with a few piece of the apple. ;) And I did great. I ate about 3/4 of the thing and that satisfied the craving and Marc put the rest away for another day. That's the thing about what we crave, if we can meet the need then it gets laid to rest and you don't have to eat and eat and eat. Now if I can just stay out of Freddies for a couple of months I should be okay. :)


Three Catanzaros said...

lolol...i like the way u did this blog:)

Michelle said...

I crave chocolate 24/7 or just something sweet. Its so hard to ignore those cravings!!!

AJ said...

Fun blog! It made me think of my cravings...lol. Refried beans, hostess fruit pies, and oatmeal with John. Nachos with James. Ha ha...chocolate is the steady one with me. Recently I discovered a snack pack of pudding called liquid chocolate. It's just good enough to satisfy my chocolate craving...the one I get about the same time every month...without all the fat and sugar.